Difference between SSH and SSL

1. Secure Shell (SSH) :
It is a cryptographic network protocol used to access the network devices and servers over the internet. SSH protocol was developed by SSH Communications Security Ltd. SSH allows us to log in securely into another computer over a network, to execute commands in a remote machine, and to transfer files from one machine to another through the network.

2. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) :
It is a networking protocol which gives secure transmission in a non-secure network. SSL requires a certificate and works on the Public Key Encryption. SSL is implemented in various operations of networked environment such as web browsing, messaging, emails and other protocols like FTP.

Difference between SSH and SSL :

1. It is cryptographic tunneling protocol and has a username/password authentication system. It does not have a username/password authentication system like SSH.
2. It works on the port number 22. It works on the port number 443.
3. It completely depends on the network tunneling. It is asynchronous as it depends on the certificates.
4. It works on three-stage process for server and client authentication processes. While SSL usually works on X.509 digital certificates for server and client authentication.
5. It encrypts the communication between two computers over the internet. It encrypts the communication between browser and server.
6. It is appropriate and effective for securely executing commands across the internet. It is best suited for securely transferring critical data like in credit cards and banking.
7. It provides data confidentiality by using symmetric key algorithms. It adopts a combination of both symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithms to provide data privacy.

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