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Difference between SSH and SFTP

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  • Last Updated : 07 Apr, 2021
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Prerequisite – Responsibilities of Transport Layer

1. Secure Shell (SSH) :
It is a transport layer that is used for secure logins and share of information between two secured endpoints. It secures the exchange through public and private keys. Used for secure communications between an organization and a remote server.

2. SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) :
It is a protocol build over SSH to efficiently transfer files in a secured way. With the use of this protocol, it can easily move large amounts of data securely over an internet connection.  It utilizes the SSH and makes the information exchange with a higher level of protection.

Difference Between SSH and SFTP :




1. It is short for Secure ShellIt is short for Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol.
2.It was founded by Tatu Ylönen in 1995. It was founded by Tatu Ylönen in 1997. 
3.It provides authentication and secure logins for communication.It provides a secure channel for transferring files between the two endpoints.
4.It uses keys i.e, either public or private keys for communication.It uses one channel to transmit data.
5.It provides port forwarding to pass an SSH connection.It provides encryption for sending the data.
6.It has its architecture.It is built over SSH architecture.
7.It uses a secure file transfer mechanism.It uses the tunnel transfer method.
8.It provides support for remote logins.It provides support for IPv6 HTTP protocols.
9.Uses : It is used in various Unix and Windows distributions.Uses : It is used to transfer, access and modify files over an SSH transport.
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