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Difference between SRS and FRS

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  • Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2020

The role of formulating a document is to understand requirements that will be compelled to develop a robust software. Type of document required depends upon business type, their criteria, how company processes, and what class of software is to be developed. Let us understand common documents which are used by everyone and what do we got to discuss ahead.

1. Software Requirement Specification (SRS) :
Software Requirement Specification is termed as SRS document. This document serves as a detailed illustration of functional and non-functional requirements needed that software should fulfill.
Following are some features of SRS :

  • This document bridges gap between user and developer.
  • Documents board imaginations into a structural layout.
  • Used for measuring initial costs and efforts.
  • Works as an agreement between communicating parties.

Example : Consider a software to monitor employee performance. This will require basic modules such as Login Module, Administrator Module, Employee Module, and Reporting Module. SRS document helps to manage these modules.

2. Functional Requirement Specification (FRS) :
Functional Requirement Specification is termed as FRS document. This document serves as a detailed illustration of all low-level granular specification of system that is to present into the fulfillment of software.
Following are some features of FRS :

  • This document elaborates on the functions to the user.
  • Helps user to understand interactions of software and its behavior.
  • It helps designing testing parameters for software.
  • Provides better aid for wire-frames and conceptual diagrams.

Example : Designing a login module has several fields, such as Username, Password, and Submit button. This document helps better structure for these fields.

Difference between SRS and FRS :

1SRS is short used for Software Requirement Specification.FRS is short used for Functional Requirement Specification.
2SRS is also called a Product Requirement Specification and System Requirement Specification.FRS is also called a Functional Specification Document, Functional Specs, and Product Specification Document.
3It is maintained by Business Analyst or System Analyst.It is maintained by the Implementation lead or System Analyst.
4Focus on the functional and non-functional requirements.Focus on detailed aspects of the functional and non- functional requirements.
5Bridges gap between user and developer.Bridges gap of users with functions of software.
6Used for planning phase.Used for planning phase and testing phase.
7SRS is used by the Project managers, technical leads, and Subject matter experts.FRS is used by Testing teams and technicals teams.

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