Difference between Spear Phishing and Whaling

Spear Phishing and Whaling both are different type of Email phishing attacks that attackers use to steal your confidential information. This confidential information might include login credentials, credit & debit card details, and other sensitive data.

Spear Phishing:
It is the type of phishing which targets specific person or organization. In this attack attacker tricks the victim to click on malicious links which installs malicious code, which let attacker retrieve all the sensitive information from the target system or network.

Whaling is also a type of phishing attack. In this attack high level personal of an organization such as CEO, COO, CTO are targeted. Attacker send Email or text message that seems to be legitimate but contains malicious link.

Difference between Spear Phishing and Whaling:

S.NO Spear Phishing Whaling
1. Targets specific group of people or organization Targets only high level directives of an organization
2. Main focus is to steal corporate banking information Main focus is to steal admin credentials or trade secrets
3. Email or message is designed for group of people Email or message is for specific person
4. Targets low profile individual Targets high profile individual
5. To prevent this attack educate people about such attacks Check the URL before actually clicking it

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