Difference between Spam and Phishing Mail

Spam Mail:
Spam (also known as junk mail) is unsolicited email. In most cases, spam is a method of advertising. However, spam can send harmful links, malware or deceptive content. The end goal is to obtain sensitive information such as a social security number or bank account information. Most spam comes from multiple computers on networks infected by a virus or worm. These compromised computers send out as much bulk email as possible.

Phishing Mail:
Phishing is a form of fraud. Cyber criminals use email, instant messaging, or other social media to try to gather information such as login credentials by masquerading as a reputable person. Phishing occurs when a malicious party sends a fraudulent email disguised as being from an authorized, trusted source. The message intent is to trick the recipient into installing malware on his or her device or into sharing personal or financial information.

Lets see the Difference Between Spam and Phishing Mail:

1 Spam emails is referred to as junk email and is unsolicited messages sent in bulk by email. Phishing emails are fraudulent emails designed to steal users private information and data.
2 Spam emails are a form of commercial advertising designed to flood the email inbox of users. Phishing is a social engineering attack on the mail and often carried out via emails with the intention of obtaining sensitive information
3 Spam is basically junk email flooding the inbox. Phishing is not just limited to emails
4 Spam emails utilize commercial content. Phishing emails utilize strong social engineering techniques.
5 It is an electronic equivalent of unsolicited email. It is an equivalent of act of illicitly obtain users information

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