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Difference between Software Inspection and Technical Review

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  • Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2020
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1. Technical Review :
In a review i.e. also known as technical review, a work product is especially examined for defects by several individuals other than the person who actually produced it. In this, work product is defined as an essential and important deliverable that is created during requirements, design, coding, or a testing phase of software development.

2. Software Inspection :
These are considered as the most formal type of review. These are usually conducted after artifact fulfills predefined exit criteria (like a particular requirement is implemented).

Difference between Software Inspection and Technical Review :

IssueTechnical ReviewSoftware Inspection
ObjectiveIt usually determines the suitability i.e. the quality of being right of a work product for its intended use.It usually determines the suitability i.e. the quality of being right of a work product for its intended use. But beyond that, it also searches for anomalies i.e. unexpected results by examination through educated inspectors.
RolesIn technical review, minimum of two persons are required for work. Each of them can perform different roles. Since the scope is different additional persons like customer representatives or management representatives can participate, but this is never regarded as a role in the process.In inspection, additional roles that are required are the Author and the Reader. The roles are separated explicitly and can not be assumed by one person.
InputThe inputs are mostly similar to that of the inspection. It is needed to be observed that checklists are not mentioned i.e. not required.Inspection reporting forms, Hardware performance data, Inspection checklists, all of these are additional inputs and some of these inputs are optional also. The reporting form and inspection checklist are mandatory but hardware product specification is optional. The wording of the standard usually suggests that checklists are not mandatory, but a table in the appendix of standard makes them mandatory.
OutputAction Item List and a record of the technical review are the only output.Formal inspection report, formal defect summary, and a defect list along with classified defects are the outputs. The main emphasis is only on providing a standard output of errors that are found which also might allow statistical evaluations.
Entry Criteria for the MeetingIn this, no special criteria are mentioned.In this, it is explicitly stated that the meeting usually needed to be re-scheduled if the inspection leader somehow finds out that the participants are not really prepared well.
MeetingDescribed rules of a review meeting are usually kept.Defined roles need to be kept explicitly. The material will be presented by the reader and not the author. The other roles are also needed to kept formally.
Outcome of the MeetingDefined review report is being generated as the outcome of the meeting.The decision is needed to be made simply to accept the work product, close the inspection, but usually require a rework, reject the work product, and require a re-inspection after the rework is done at the end of the inspection.

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