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Difference between Software Engineering process and Conventional Engineering Process

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1. Software Engineering Process : 
It is a engineering process which is mainly related to computers and programming and developing different kinds of applications through the use of information technology. 

2. Conventional Engineering Process : 
It is a engineering process which is highly based on empirical knowledge and is about building cars, machines and hardware. 

Difference between Software Engineering Process and Conventional Engineering Process :  

S.No.Software Engineering ProcessConventional Engineering Process
1.Software Engineering Process is a process which majorly involves computer science, information technology and discrete mathematics.Conventional Engineering Process is a process which majorly involves science, mathematics and empirical knowledge.
2.It is mainly related with computers, programming and writing codes for building applications.It is about building cars, machines, hardware, buildings etc.
3.In Software Engineering Process construction and development cost is low.In Conventional Engineering Process construction and development cost is high.
4.It can involve the application of new and untested elements in software projects.It usually applies only known and tested principles to meet product requirements.
5.In Software Engineering Process, most development effort goes into building new designs and features.In Conventional Engineering Process, most development efforts are required to change old designs.
6.It majorly emphasize on quality.It majorly emphasize on mass production.
7.Product development develops intangible products (software)Product development develops tangible products (e.g. bridges, buildings)
8.Design requirements may change throughout development process.Design Requirements are typically well-defined upfront
9. Testing is an integral part of the development process.Testing occurs mainly after product completion.
10. Prototyping is common and helps to refine requirements.Prototyping is less common due to cost and time
11.Maintenance and updates are necessary to keep software relevant.Maintenance is typically scheduled or reactive.
12.Software development often involves complex logic and algorithms.Conventional engineering may have more complex physical properties to deal with.
13.Software development often follows established standards and frameworks.Conventional engineering may have well-established regulations and standards.
14.Software development is typically less expensive to start, but costs may increase with maintenance and updates.Conventional engineering may be more expensive to start due to materials and construction, but may have lower maintenance costs.
15.Agile methodologies are commonly used in software development.Conventional engineering may use more traditional project management approaches.
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Last Updated : 15 Mar, 2023
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