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Difference between Software Engineering and Computer Engineering

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  • Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2021
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1. Software engineering :
Software Engineering refers to the study of software which tell us about how Software is formed and about the processes involved in the formation of Software .It is basically known as Software Engineering because it applies the principles of Engineering in order to create a software. Thus it called by Software Engineering and people who study and apply software engineering for building a product are known as Software Engineers.

2. Computer engineering :
Computer Engineering on the other hand refers to the study of both software and hardware and it tell us about the theoretical and practical implementation of mathematical formulations and technologies and make people ready to become Software Engineers. It provide us knowledge about various field like networking, processors and data base etc. It is the base of Software Engineering.

Difference between Software Engineering and Computer Engineering :

S.No.Software EngineeringComputer Engineering
1Software Engineering majorly defines the architecture and structural properties of Materialistic Engineering, Thermodynamics and Computer Organization Architecture etc.Computer science involves the study of both principles and the use of computers which usually covers theoretical and practical approaches.
2Software engineering applies all the standards and principles of Engineering to design, develop, maintain, test and evaluate computer software which is also known as life cycle of Software Development.Computer science is basically formed with the collection of Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Information system, Information Technology and Software engineering .
3It involves the study and application of software only .It involves the study and application of software and hardware both .
4Software engineers are programmers who perform various quality assurance techniques in order to test the general behavior of software.Students studying Computer Science study the concepts of various subjects like Mathematics, Electrical engineering, Physics and Management Information system.
5It is a structural process of checking, verifying, finding the errors and bugs according to the need of software and then provide a solution for removing that bug .It is not a structural process as everything is to be done in a process and requires proper study before executing.
6Software Engineering involves some areas of study which are Software Development, Software Testing and Quality Assurance.Computer Science involves areas of study which are Networking, Artificial Intelligence, Data Base Systems etc.
7Software engineering has not compulsory project management but knowledge of project management is a plus.Project management is an internal part of study in Computer Science.
8It majorly concern to apply engineering for the creation, maintenance, and designing of software in order to build different products .It majorly concern to apply engineering in software’s and hardware devices.
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