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Difference between Software and Program

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  • Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2021

1. Software : 
Software, as name suggest, is simply a collection or set of programs, procedures, data or instructions to instruct computer about what to do and are designed to perform well defined function. 

2. Program : 
Program, as name suggests, is simply a collection of instructions or ordered operations for computer to perform specific function or perform particular task and achieve a specific result. 

Difference between Software and Program : 

Software’s are mainly dependent on operating system.Programs are mainly dependent on compiler.
Various categories of software includes application software, system software, computer programming tools, etc.There are no such categories of program.
Size of software generally ranges from megabytes (Mb) to gigabytes (Gb).Size of program generally ranges from kilobytes (Kb) to megabytes (Mb).
Software’s are usually developed by people having expert knowledge and experience as well as are trained in developing software and are also referred to as software developers.Programs are usually developed by person who is beginner and have no prior experience.
Software’s can be a program that generally runs on computer.Programs cannot be a software.
If software’s are not present in computers, then computer is useless.If programs are not present in computer, then also computer can function well because of operating system.
Software’s can be downloaded on computer using internet without any need of program.Program cannot run on computer without any software present in computer.
Features of software includes security, safety, dependability, correctness, etc.Features of program includes reliable, cost effectiveness, maintainability, profitability, etc.
It requires more time to create software than program.It requires less time to create program than software.
Examples of software includes Adobe Photoshop, Google Chrome, PowerPoint, Adobe Reader, etc.Examples of program includes Web browsers, word processors, video games, etc.
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