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Difference between Software and Processor

  • Last Updated : 10 Dec, 2020

1. Software :
Software, as name suggest, are simply computer programs or set of instructions that are used to control computer, develop and run applications and are originally written by computer programmers.

2. Processor :
Processor, as name suggests, is simply an integrated electronic circuit that responds to and processes basic instructions on external data source and goes through certain procedures to achieve particular result.

Difference between Software and Processor :

Software are programs, applications, and scripts that run on device.Processor is a small chip inside computer that executes instructions on behalf of programs.
It is actually required to accomplish input, processing, output, storage and control activities of computer or system.It is used to provide instructions that multiple applications and processes need to execute their functions or jobs.
Features of software includes performance, portability, functionality, efficiency, etc.Features of processor includes power reduction technology, protected execution, dual-core support, core name and core stepping’s, etc.
Benefits of software includes simplified decision making, more reliable data, better customer service, enhanced analysis, etc.Benefits of processor includes increase speed, less power is required, more features can be added to computer, fast calculation, etc.
Type of software includes system software, programming software, application software, driver software, etc.Type of processor includes dual core processor, multicore processor, quad core processor, octa core processor, etc.
Its main purpose is enable programs to work and help organization to manage data, resources, etc.Its main purpose is to run programs, send and receive signals to attached devices to keep computer running.
Software’s are important for user to interact with computer and most computers are useless without software.Processor is needed to run computer and without processor no power gets delivered to components.
Function of software is to manage and control activities and functions of computer hardware.Functions of processor include receive instructions, decode received instructions, execute operation and write back output.

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