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Difference between Software and Peripherals

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  • Last Updated : 16 Jun, 2022
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1. Software: Software, as the name suggests, is simply computer programs or sets of instructions that are specially designed to instruct a computer about what to do as well as transform or convert input into product or output. 

2. Peripherals: Peripherals, as the name suggests, are simply devices that can be external or internal and add functionality to computers but are not part of the main group of components as well as provide input and output for computers. 

Difference between Software and Peripherals :

S. No.Basis of ComparisonSoftwarePeripherals
1.DefinitionSoftware is programs or sets of instructions run on a computer. Peripherals are internal or external devices that connect directly to the computer.
2.RequirementIt is required to operate computers and execute particular tasks.It is used to increase or enhance the features and functionality of the computer.
3.FeaturesFeatures of the software include maintainability, efficiency, reliability, usability, etc.Features of peripherals include storage, input, output processing, usability, speed, storage, etc.
4.DevelopmentSoftware is developed using programming languages.Peripherals are built up using electronic components.
5.NatureIt is intangible.It is tangible.
6.BenefitsBenefits of software include improve customer service, enhanced analysis, increase sales potential, more reliable data, etc.The benefits of peripheral devices include being easy to use, easy to keep, fast to access data, cheap to buy, including sensors, etc.
7.FunctionalityThe software usually provides means for accomplishing various tasks with the same basic hardware. Peripheral provides input/output functions for a computer.
8.TypesType of software includes system software, programming software, application software, etc.Type of peripherals includes input devices, output devices and storage devices, etc.
9.Main objectiveIts main purpose is to capture input, transform it and provide output or product.Its main purpose is to extend and enhance the capability of the computers without even modifying the core components of the system.
10.ImportanceSoftware’s are important for the user to interact with the computer and most computers are useless without software.Peripherals are not that much important for a computer to function and a computer can still function without these devices.
11.ReplacementReplacement is carried out in the form of reinstallation from the backup copy in case the software is damaged.Replacement is carried out with a new component.
12.ValueThe software does not lose value over time. The bug, on the other hand, may appear.Peripherals depreciate with time.
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