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Difference between Software and Liveware

  • Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2020

1. Software :
Software, as name suggest, is simply a type of software systems or application that includes collection of programs, documentation and operating procedures as well as control and manage hardware components of computer system.

2. Liveware :
Liveware, as name suggests, is simply defined as peoples or slang of peoples such as analysts, programmers, etc. that usually work with computers to operate system and is also known as user of computer.

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Difference between Software and Liveware :

Software’s are programs used by computer.Liveware are peoples that use and make computer system work.
It makes hardware of computer run.It is term used for people that are benefited from computer system.
These are collection of programs or applications that contains instructions that makes computer run or work.These are human expertise that are needed in field of IT.
Features of software includes efficiency, maintainability, no wear out, portability, etc.Features of liveware includes data processing, problem solving, productivity, documentation skills, reporting skills, etc.
Benefits of software includes improve data security, more reliable data, better customer service, simplified decision making, etc.Benefits of liverware includes allows interaction among hardware and software, operate system, increases productivity, etc.
Examples of software includes Microsoft Word, Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Outlook, Pandora, etc.Examples of liveware includes software engineer, hardware engineers, managers, network engineer, data entry operator, etc.
Type of software’s include application software, system software, Freeware software, Open-source software, etc.Type of livewares includes engineers, operators, managers, programmers, etc.
Software does not get tired of working.Peoples usually gets tired of working for hours.

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