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Difference between Software and Freeware

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  • Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2020
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1. Software :
Software, as name suggest, is simply a type of software systems or application in any program or group of programs that is responsible for guiding computer to perform certain tasks.

2. Freeware :
Freeware, as name suggests, is simply a product or software that is free to use, requires no payment and allows user to have access to it without any restriction except some restrictions on its commercial use.

Difference between Software and Freeware :

Software’s are distributed at some cost.Freeware are software’s that are distributed at not cost.
It is set of instructions used to operate computer and execute particular tasks.It is used to make it easier for user to study how program works.
Features of software includes usability, flexibility, not manufacture, portability, etc.Features of freeware includes free to study, redistribute, modify, used for any purpose, etc.
Types of software includes programming software, application software, driver software, etc.Types of freeware includes open source software copylefted software, free software, etc.
Benefits of software includes streamline business operations, improve efficiency, replace paper processes, measure productivity, etc.Benefits of freeware includes available at minimal cost, provide full freedom, provide better security, no spying on users, etc.
Examples of software includes Microsoft Word, Slack, Pandora, Safari, etc.Examples of freeware includes Adobe reader, free studio, skype, etc.
It does not allow users to access source code, modify it write additional code.It allows users to access source code, modify it, write additional code, etc.
This are more difficult to use than freeware.This are less difficult to use than software.

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