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Difference between Software and Framework

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2020
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1. Software :
Software, as name suggest, is simply a type of software systems or application in any program or group of programs without which computer is useless as it manages hardware.

2. Framework :
Framework, as name suggests, is simply a product or software for developers that is used as to facilitate, support, guide, confine, and help developers in creating or building application in a well defined domain.

Difference between Software and Framework :

Software is set of instructions that usually run on computer.Framework are also software that is developed and used by developers to develop other software’s.
It is set of instructions used to operate computer and execute particular tasks.It is used to make it easier for developer to create software’s.
Features of software includes no wear out, portability, not manufacture, reliability, etc.Features of framework includes extensibility, non-modifiable framework code, inversion of control, etc.
Types of software includes programming software, application software, system software, etc.Types of framework includes web application frameworks, data science framework, mobile development frameworks, etc.
Benefits of software includes cut costs by automating routine tasks, replace paper processes, increase productivity, etc.Benefits of framework includes code is more secure, make it easier to work on sophisticated technologies, duplicate and redundant code can be avoided, etc.
Examples of software includes Microsoft office, Skype, Pandora, Chrome, etc.Examples of framework includes ActiveX, .NET, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, etc.
Its main purpose is to turn data into information.Its main purpose is allow designers and developers to focus on developing application.
This are more difficult to use than framework.This are less difficult to use than software.

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