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Difference between Software and Algorithm

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  • Last Updated : 07 Dec, 2020
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1. Software :
Software, as name suggest, is simply a type of software systems that allows user to interact with computer and gives instruction to computer to perform particular task as well as control functioning of hardware and its operations.

2. Algorithm :
Algorithm, as name suggests, is simply a type of process, procedure, or set of rules that must be followed to solve any type of calculations i.e. step-by-step instructions that define how work should be executed in order to get desired outcome.

Difference between Software and Algorithm :

Software usually consists of set of data or instructions.Algorithm usually consists of technique to solve any problem.
It is a program or any operating information that is used by computer.It is a set of rules that must be followed in calculations.
Features of software includes efficiency, usability, portability, reliability, etc.Features of algorithm includes input, feasibility, precision, unambiguous, easy to grasp, etc.
List of software includes google chrome, adobe reader, Microsoft office, etc.List of algorithm includes searching algorithm, bit algorithm, recursive algorithm, randomized algorithm, etc.
Benefits of software includes increase productivity, improve data security, increase customer service, etc.Benefits of algorithm includes easy to write, easy identification of mistakes, easy to understand logic, etc.
It takes more time to develop software.It takes less time to create algorithm.
It is difficult to understand and create software.It is very easy to understand and create algorithm.
Software’s are developed to meet customer requirements.Algorithms are developed to solve any complex problems.
Design and analysis of software is important that help transformation of human readable requirements into implementation i.e. actual code.Design and analysis of algorithm is important to solve any type of problems in computer science and information technology.

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