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Difference Between Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 05 Aug, 2022
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Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing can be termed as a marketing strategy that is used to promote a product and develop an influential relationship with the customers via different Social Media platforms. Social media is a platform that is termed as simple as where users come and share content such as messages, videos, etc. But this is more than it seems, social media marketing helps to establish a relationship with the customer and make the presence of marketers on the web. Three modes are primarily used Blogs, social networks, and forums are used for this. The ways by which you can get Social media marketing can be achieved are start making a connection with the community and them sharing valuable content with them. The next way is by doing advertisements on social media known as sponsors ads. 

Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing can be termed as a marketing strategy that is used to promote a product and develop an influential relationship with the customers via all digital and offline sources. Digital marketing is creating awareness about the product using digital channels. Digital channel uses the internet and the methods which are used by digital marketing are SEO, SEM, E-commerce, and Email marketing. Offline sources use radio, SMS, and television for marketing. When we use this strategy there are three different components which are Online marketing, Mobile marketing, and Social media marketing. This also focuses on the public likes as what is trending and how it is to be delivered to the consumer. Difference-Between-Social-Media-Marketing-and-Digital-Marketing

Below is a table of differences between Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing: 

S. No.Social Media MarketingDigital Marketing
1.Social media marketing uses social media platforms to create awareness about the productDigital Marketing uses online and offline channels to promote products to the customer.
2.This creates a limited reach in front of customersThis creates a wide reach in front of the customers.
3.Content is the key aspect of this.Banners are used to create an impression of the product.
4.It is a component of Digital MarketingIt uses all components.
5.Results are depended on the customer’s likes.Results are comparatively slow.
6.Platform used are Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter etc.Platform used are SMS, E-mail, MMS, and Television etc.
7.Only social media platforms are used to target the audience.It reaches when visiting the websites, any associated social media accounts, email, and other digital platforms by the intended audience.
8.The success rate of social media marketing relies on posting new and unique content regularly on social media accounts for engaging your intended audience.The success rate of digital marketing relies on the usage of banner advertisements on various digital platforms. To exemplify, Television, the Internet, billboards for the promotion of your brand.
9.It is concerned with social media users.It is concerned with the users using different digital platforms.
10.Strategy planning can be carried out that is immediately effective.Strategy formulation takes time that works across different platforms.
11.It focuses on audience interaction using social media platforms and also measures customer engagement.It increases brand recognition to boost website traffic and evaluates the effectiveness of content, social media, and media.
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