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Difference between SOC and NOC
  • Last Updated : 08 Sep, 2020

In the digital world where everything is dependent upon networking and connectivity every organizations or companies have their specific focus on security and network management to keep everything safe from increased cyber threats and networking malpractices. Monitor and Response is one of the major strategy which is adopted by almost every companies now a days for providing a safe organizational environment from any networking defects or security threats.

In general if we will see in many organizations Security Operations Center (SOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC) complement each other’s functions for smooth operations. They both are responsible for observing, identifying, analyzing, prioritizing, escalating and resolving issues but the issues and solutions they work on are considerably different.

So lets understand Security Operations Center and Network Operations Center in detail by analyzing the differences between them.

1. Security Operations Center (SOC) :
Security Operations Center in short called as SOC. It focuses mainly on information/data security by identifying any incidents and alerts that affect the security of information assets. SOC staffs continuously monitors and analyzes organizational security and response the addressed issues quickly upon discovery to keep safe organizations IT infrastructure. So SOC mainly performs operations based on cyber security.

2. Network Operations Center (NOC) :
Network Operations Center in short called as NOC. It focuses mainly on any networking related incidents and alerts that affect performance and availability. NOC staffs meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and manage incidents in a way that reduces downtime. It is also known as Network Management Center. It continuously supervise, monitor and maintain telecommunication network. The performance and health of network is analyzed if necessary any required operations are performed.

Difference between Security Operations Center (SOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC) :

01.SOC stands for Security Operations Center.NOC stands for Network Operations Center.
02.It monitors threats to infrastructure making attempts to use vulnerability and get inside of an network and creates threats to organizational information .It is used to handle challenges related to managing, monitoring, and controlling the networks in customer IT ecosystem.
03.It handles the incidents affecting the security of information assets.It handles the incidents affecting the performance and availability.
04.Its main role is to provide a complete IT backbone that will enable smooth networking operations with reduced downtime.Its main role is to protect the network from cyber attacks and security threats.
05.It is being able to meet Service Level Agreements (SLAs).It is being able to protect sensitive organizational data.
06.NOC analysts must be proficient in networking applications and system engineering.SOC analysts must be proficient in security engineering skills.
07.The main objective of Security Operations Center is to monitor quality.The main objective of Network Operations Center is to monitor performance.
08.Service quality, customer experience and marketing software tools are used.Fault, trouble and performance monitoring software tools are used.
09.Security Operations Center is based on proactive approachNetwork Operations Center is based on reactive approach.
10.Its business impact is strategic.Its business impact is operational.

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