Difference between Sever Side Scripting and Client Side Scripting

1. Client side scripting :
web browsers executes client side scripting. It is use when browsers has all code. Source code used to transfer from web server to user’s computer over internet and run directly on browsers. It is also used for validations and functionality for user events.

It allows for more interactivity. It usually performs several actions without going to user. It cannot be basically used to connect to databases on web server. These scripts cannot access file system that resides at web browser. Pages are altered on basis of users choice. It can also used to create “cookies” that store data on user’s computer.

2. Server side scripting :
Web servers are used to execute server side scripting. They are basically used to create dynamic pages. It can also access the file system residing at web server. Server-side environment that runs on a scripting language is a web-server.

Scripts can be written in any of a number of server-side scripting language available. It is used to retrieve and generate content for dynamic pages. It is used to require to download plugins. In this load times are generally faster than client-side scripting. When you need to store and retrieve information a database will be used to contain data. It can use huge resources of server. It reduces client-side computation overhead. Server sends pages to request of user/client.

Difference between client side scripting and server side scripting :

Client side scripting Server side scripting
Source code is visible to user. Source code is not visible to user because it’s output
of server side is a HTML page.
It usually depends on browser and it’s version. In this any server side technology can be use and it does not
depend on client.
It runs on user’s computer. It runs on web server.
There are many advantages link with this like faster.
response times, a more interactive application.
The primary advantage is it’s ability to highly customize, response
requirements, access rights based on user.
It does not provide security for data. It provides more security for data.
It is a technique use in web development in which scripts runs on clients browser. It is a technique that uses scripts on web server to produce a response that is customized for each clients request.
HTML, CSS and javascript are used. PHP, Python, Java, Ruby are used.

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