Difference between service-oriented (SOA) and Micro service Architecture (MSA)

1. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) :
It is a huge collection of services in which services communicate with each other. This framework is used for designing a software system using a software architecture that views all components as services. The communication is provided by SOA generally used for data passing it could communicate two or more services and complete some activity.

It provides various microservices as function which has following –

1. Loosely coupled
2. Reusable
3. Composable
4. Autonomic
5. Standardized 

2. Microservice Architecture (MSA) :
It takes large number of services and breaks down into small services or shareable components. It also called a monolith in which all functionality is placed into a single process. This approach is used for developing application and communication with different approaches which may write in different programming language and data storage.

Here are some characteristic functions of MSA –

1. Business capabilities
2. Products
3. Smart End Point
4. Automation
5. Evolutionary 

Difference between SOA and MSA :

It is a huge collection of services in which services communicate with each other. It is general architecture that takes large number of services and break down into small services or shareable component.
It works on Share-as-much-as-possible approach. It works on Share-little-as-promise approach.
It is used to share the data storage. It has independent data storage.
It supports various multiple protocol. It supports HTTP/REST lightweight protocol.
In service oriented architecture, there is a multi-threaded with more handle I/O. In Micro service Architecture, there is single-threaded with non-locking I/O handle.
It has common platform for all services. It has platform like Nodejs is used and application server not used.
It uses of container is less popular Docker linux. Its container work very well.
It uses traditional database. It uses non-relational database.
It uses ESB services for communication. It does not use ESB services.It has a simple messaging system.
It have common governance standard. Relaxed governance with more focus on people.

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