Difference between Server and Workstation

Server is a either hardware or software which respond the services requested by the clients. It is an internet based operation. In this Graphics User Interface can be pre-install or not, because it is an optional to the server.

Workstation is a computer which requests access to the LAN and switch services to responds the requests via switch to perform dedicated task with having enhanced features. In workstation, Operations are in forms of Business, engineering etc. and also In this Graphics User Interface is pre-install because it is not an optional to the workstation.

Difference between Server and Workstation:

S.NO Server Workstation
1. The device which respond the services for the client’s request is called server. Perform dedicated task with having enhanced features.
2. In server, Operations are internet based. In workstation, Operations are in forms of Business, engineering etc.
3. The example of server are: FTP server, web servers etc. The example of workstation are: Video workstations, audio workstations etc.
4. Operating system used in server are: Linux, Solaris server and windows. Operating system used in workstation are: Unix, Linux or Windows NT.
5. In server, Graphics User Interface (GUI) is optional. In workstation, Graphics User Interface (GUI) is installed.
6. A server can not be a workstation. Whereas a workstation can be a server.

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