Difference between Sensor and Transducer

1. Sensor :
Sensor is the device that detect the change in the environment. It can be temperature sensor, pressure sensor or Humidity sensor. As we Know sensors sense just like eyes and ears.Sensor measured information (data being sensed) shall be sent to the processor or controller for them to work on it.

2. Transducer :
Transducer is the device which transform energy from one form to another. It also transforms a non-electrical physical into an electrical signal. It provide output response to specific input measured which may be physical quantity.

Difference between Sensor and Transducer :

Sensor Tranducer
A device that convert physical parameters to electrical output. A device that convert energy one form to another form is know as Transducer.
The word Sensor comes from USA. The word Transducer comes from Europe.
The uses of Sensor is for sensing element itself. The uses of transducer is for sensing element and also for circuitry.
In Sensor changes its resistance with temperature. In Transducers change in resistance to change in voltage.
All the sensors are not transducers. All Transducers contain a Sensor.
It is a sensor when it responds to a stimulus. It becomes transducers when connected in a bridge circuit.
It detects change in physical stimulus and turn it into a signal. It transfers power form one system to another in the same or in different form.
Examples of Sensor: Temperature Sensor, and Proximity Sensor. Example of Transducer: Strain gauge, and Piezoelectric Transducer.

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