Difference between Selenium Remote Webdriver and Selenium Webdriver

1. Selenium Remote Webdriver :
It is an interface which is used to execute the browser automation and to execute assessments in a distributed environment or on a remote computing device. In other words, It is a class which implements the WebDriver interface and this action is performed on the remote server. There are different driver classes for a browser such as ChromeDriver, FirefoxDriver, etc.

2. Selenium Webdriver :
It helps you to interact with browsers directly with the help of some automation scripts which includes a starting point, various variables with their binding values, and the source code. It is used to give supports to various platforms, and its execution is little faster as compared to that of Selenium IDE or RC. It provides multiple client libraries which can be used in different programming languages like Python, C, Java, etc. which is used to build automation for the Selenium test.

Difference between Selenium Remote Webdriver and Selenium Webdriver :

S.No. Selenium Remote Webdriver Selenium Webdriver
1. It is a class which implements a Webdriver interface. It is an interface and to use this, org.openqa.selenium.* package is required.
2. It has some extra methods which are used for the implementation of the class. It has a lesser number of methods as compared to Remote Webdriver, used for the interface implementation.
3. In this, the object is used to manage browser which is present in the grid. In this, many browsers are managed by the Webdriver object.
4. Remote Webdriver is a part of Webdriver. It is not part of any Webdriver.
5. It provides methods like startSession(), getSessionId(), etc. It provides methods like quit(), get(), etc.
6. To test this, the remote machine is required. It can be tested on the local machine.
7. It does not depend on the OS. It depends on the OS.

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