Difference between Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Secure Electronic Transaction (SET)

Secure Socket Layer (SSL):
Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is that the normal security technology for establishing associate encrypted link between an internet server and a browser. This link ensures that each one knowledge passed between the online server and browsers stay personal and integral.

SSL is associate trade normal and is employed by numerous websites within the protection of their on-line transactions with their customers. SSL permits counselling like Social Security numbers, mastercard numbers, or login credentials to be transmitted firmly..

Secure Electronic Transaction (SET):
Secure Electronic dealings (SET) could be a system for making certain the safety of economic transactions on the web. it absolutely was supported at the start by Mastercard, Visa, Microsoft, Netscape, and others. With SET, a user is given associate degree electronic case (digital certificate) and a dealings is conducted and verified employing a combination of digital certificates and digital signatures among the client, a merchant, and also the purchaser’s bank during a means that ensures privacy and confidentiality.

SET makes use of Netscape’s Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Microsoft’s Secure dealings Technology (STT), and Terisa System’s Secure machine-readable text Transfer Protocol (S-HTTP). SET uses some however not all aspects of a public key infrastructure (PKI).

secure socket layer Secure electronic transaction
SSL is basically an encryption mechanism for order taking, queries and other applications and available on customer’s browser. It does not protect against all security hazards and is natural simple and widely used.
SSL is a protocol for general purpose secure message exchange.
SSL protocol may use a certificate, but the payment gateway is not available . so, the merchant need to receive both the ordering information and credit card information because the capturing process should be generated by merchant.
SSl protocol has been the industry standard for securing internet communication.
SSL protocol was developed by Netscape for securing online transaction.
SET is a very comprehensive protocol.It provides Privacy, integrate and authenticity.It is not used frequently due to its complexity and the need for a special card reader by the user. it may be abandons if it is not simplified.
SET is tailored to the credit card payment to the merchant.
SET protocols hides the customer’s credit card information from merchant and also hides the order information to banks to protect privacy called dual signature.
SET protocol is a complex and more secure protocol.
SET protocol was jointly developed by MasterCard and visa with the goal of securing web browsers for bank card transaction.

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