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Difference between Scrum Testing and V-Model Testing

  • Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2019
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Scrum Testing:
Scrum testing is a type of software testing that is used for testing the software in Agile Software Development Model. It is basically a framework used in agile software development process. Scrum testing is used to test the complicated software. Along with all these it also checks the quality, performance and the usability of the software.

V-Model Testing:
V-Model testing is the software testing that takes place once the development process is fully complete or almost complete. In V-Model testing, processes of development and testing are kept quite separate. It is less reliable as compared to scrum testing.

Difference between Scrum Testing and V-Model Testing:

Scrum TestingV-Model Testing
It is the software testing that takes place along side development.It takes place after the fully completion of development phase.
This testing is used in Agile Software Development process.This testing is used in traditional software development process.
This is more reliable.This is less reliable.
This is used in complicated software testing.This is used in simple software testing.
This needs co-ordination between development and testing process.Development and testing process are separate.
This tests each module after its development.Whole software is tested together.
It also checks performance of the software.It doesn’t check performance factor.
It is used commonly.It is used rarely.

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