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Difference between Scrum and Kanban

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  • Last Updated : 30 Aug, 2022
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1. Scrum: It is a combination of both iterative and incremental approach that offers a noticeably prescriptive way in which the assigned task gets completed by a Scrum team which have defined processes and roles assigned for each member of the team. All the updates and status are led by means of the Scrum Master who is a person on a Scrum team, accountable for making sure the group stays by way of the requirements set through Scrum. 

2. Kanban: This Method receives its identity from the use of kanban in which the use of visual signaling mechanisms is there to manage the workflow during the development of intangible work products. It helps to manage and enhance flow structures for expertise work. The approach additionally approves corporations to begin with their current workflow and force evolutionary change which can be done by means of visualizing their flow of work. 

Difference between Scrum and Kanban:

S. No.ScrumKanban
1.It defines the role of each member of the Scrum team.There is no role assigned to individuals.
2.It follows the iterative method.It does not follow the iterative approach
3.To solve a problem, it breaks it into small tasks and then processes it further.It does not break a problem into sub-problems.
4.It is a highly prescriptive approach.It is not much prescriptive as compared to Scrum.
5.There is no visualization process to perform tasks.There is a visualization process to perform tasks.
6.There are sprints that keep track of the progress of any project.They use task cards to keep track of the progress of any project.
7.It is processed in successive sprints to complete a task.It is used to optimize the task to complete a project.
8.It is not preferred when resources are limited.It is preferred when tasks and resources are limited.
9.Scrum Master is the problem solver in case of a problem.All the members are allowed to pick a problem and solve it.
10.The process does not get disturbed if a team member leaves in between a sprint.The flow of work gets disturbed if a team member leaves in between.
11.The velocity of the sprint is used to measure the production.The time taken to finish the project is the measure of production.
12.Estimation is crucial to Scrum because it places a strong emphasis on planning.Estimation is not as important in Kanban as in scrum.
13.In scrum, cross-functional teams are important to deal with the issues that may occur during software development.In Kanban, specialized teams are important.
14.Only one team owns a sprint backlog.The sharing among multiple teams is possible with Kanban board.
15.The scrum methodology is centered on the backlog.The Kanban methodology is centered on the process dashboard.
16.It is suitable for projects that have changing priorities.It is suitable for projects that have stable priorities i.e. unlikely to change over time.
17.“Velocity” through sprints is a production measurement metric.“Cycle time” is a production measurement metric.
18.One to four weeks make up a sprint cycle.The delivery cycle is continuous.

Some of the Tools-

  • Jira Software
  • Axosoft
  • VivifyScrum and more.

Some of the Tools-

  • Jira Software
  • Kanbanize
  • SwiftKanban
  • Asana and more.
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