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Difference between Scareware and Ransomware

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  • Last Updated : 24 Sep, 2020

1. Scareware :
Scareware is a form of malware that is malicious software that poses as legitimate computer security software and claims to detect a variety of threats on the affected computer that do not actually exist. The users are then informed that they have to purchase the scareware in order to repair their computers and are barraged with aggressive and pop up notifications until they supply their credit card number and pay up the desired amount for the worthless scareware product.

2. Ransomware :
Ransomware is a type of malware that is designed to block user access from own system until a ransom fee is paid to ransomware creator. Ransomware is a lot dangerous than a regular malware and spread through phishing emails having infected attachments. Ransomware has emerged over the last few years and can attack individuals or organizations.

Difference between Scareware and Ransomware :

1.Scareware is a tool to help fix your system but when the software is executed it will infect your system or completely destroy it.Ransomware is a form of malware designed to block access from system until a ransom fee is paid.
2.The main objective of scareware is to frighten people into purchasing or installing the software.The main objective of ransomware is to take money by gaining access.
3.As it is a scam, your computer is safe.This is unsafe with various degrees of seriousness.
4.In this, user should immediately close the browser.In this, user should restore the PC to gain access.
5.It displays windows – style popups.It displays a software.
6.It downloads malware to your computer.It locks your computer and makes it unusable.
7.Recovery includes running a full scan with an updated antivirus software.Recovery includes restoring the PC.
8.It steals your data.It locks your computer and encrypts your personal data for ransom.
9.DriveCleaner, WinAntivirus, ErrorSafe, WinFixer and XP Antivirus are some of the examples of scareware.Crypto, Wanna Cry, Cerber and locker are some of the examples of Ransomwares.
10.It is less harmful as compared.It is more harmful.
11.It give unauthorized access and control of the system to the hackers.It provides profit to the ransomware programmers by getting money from user for unlocking the system.

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