Difference between Sanity Testing and Regression Testing

Prerequisite – Software Testing
1. Sanity Testing :
Sanity Testing refers to analyze/test the software after modification. It is a part of Regression Testing, where the Regression Testing focuses on a wide variety of area of the application, there Sanity Testing focuses only on certain functionalities. It examines the product quality and its readiness for further tests.

Sanity Testing checks the software product after addition/changes of some functionalities. This testing is usually performed after receiving a fairly stable software build.

2. Regression Testing :
Regression Testing refers to analyze/test deeply to all the functionalities of the software product/system after any changes in code, bug fixes, modification, update in functionality etc. It checks and confirms that the recent changes in the software product has no adverse effects on the other functionalities of the software product.

Regression Testing is the complete testing of the functionalities which is performed after checking certain functionalities by Sanity Testing. This testing is performed on stable builds.

Difference between Sanity Testing and Regression Testing :

S.No. Sanity Testing Regression Testing
01. Sanity Testing is performed to check the stability of new functionality or code changes in the existing build. Regression testing is performed to check the stability of all areas impacted by any functionality change or code change.
02. Sanity Testing is part of Regression Testing. Regression Testing is independent testing.
03. It is executed before Regression Testing and after Smoke Testing. It is executed based on the project and availability of resources, manpower and time.
04. Sanity Testing is considered as a Surface Level Testing. Regression Testing is not considered as a Surface Level Testing.
05. It examines few functionality of the software. It examines extended mostly all functionality of the software.
06. Sanity Testing does not use scripts. Regression Testing uses Scripts.
07 Sanity Testing is often carried out manually. Regression Testing is often preferred to continue with automation.
08 Performing Sanity Testing increases the product cost/budget cost. Performing Regression Testing  increases the product cost/budget cost.
09 Complete test cases are not executed in the product during this Sanity Testing. Complete test cases are executed in the product during this Regression Testing.

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