Difference between Router and Layer-3 Switch

Routers are the connecting devices in networking. it is used to choose the smallest path for a packet to attain its destination. It’s main objective is to attach varied networks at the same time and it works in network layer.

Layer-3 Switches:
Layer-3 Switches were formed as a technology to boost on the performance of routers utilized in massive native space networks (LANs) like company intranets.

The key distinction between Layer-3 switches and routers lies within the hardware technology accustomed build the unit. The hardware within a Layer-3 switch merges that of ancient switches and routers, exchange a number of a router’s software package logic with hardware to supply higher performance in some things. Layer-3 switches typically value but ancient routers. Designed to be used among native networks, a Layer-3 switch can usually not possess the WAN ports and wide space network options a conventional router can perpetually have.

Difference between Router and Layer-3 Switch:

S.NO Router Layer 3 Switch
1. The functionality of router is to connect various networks simultaneously. The main functionality of layer3 switch is to connect various devices simultaneously.
2. It supports MPLS and VPN services. It does not support MPLS and VPN services.
3. It’s throughput is lower than layer-3 switch. While it provides high throughput.
4. In this, switching capacity is lower than layer-3 switch. While it has higher switching capacity.
5. It is expensive. It is inexpensive.
6. It has lower port density. While it has higher port density than router.
7. Router supports edge technologies such as NAT, Tunneling, Firewall etc. While it does not support edge technologies.
8. In router, size of routing table is bigger than layer-3 switch routing table for multiple route entries. While it’s routing table is smaller than router.
9. In router, forwarding is performed by software. While in this, forwarding is performed by specialized ASICs.

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