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Difference between Real-time Tasks and Non-Real-time Tasks

Last Updated : 15 Apr, 2023
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1. Real-time Tasks : Real-time tasks are the tasks associated with the quantitative expression of time. This quantitative expression of time describes the behavior of the real-time tasks. Real-time tasks are scheduled to finish all the computation events involved in it into timing constraint. The timing constraint related to the real-time tasks is deadline. All the real-time tasks need to be completed before deadline. For example, Input-output interaction with devices, web browsing etc. Often require rapid and deterministic response times.Can be classified as hard or soft, depending on the consequences of missing a deadline.Often involve continuous streams of data or events that must be processed in real-time.
2. Non-Real-time Tasks : Non-real-time tasks are the tasks which is not associated with the timing constraint. The non-real-time tasks are not described by timing expressions. It is not associated with any time bound. These tasks just need to be completed in whatever time system may take. Basically these tasks are not used now-a-days. All the tasks used now-a-days are real-time tasks. For example, batch processing jobs, event loggers etc. Often involve batch processing, where a large amount of data is processed in one go.May have more relaxed timing constraints,allowing for slower or less predictable response times.May still have deadlines or time limits, but these are typically longer than those for real-time tasks.Can be executed on traditional computer systems, without the need for specialized real-time hardware or software.
Difference between Real-time Tasks and Non-Real-time Tasks:

Real-time task is the task that is associated with time bound. Non-real-time task is not associated with time bound.
It can be expressed as quantitative expression of time. It can’t be expressed ad function of time.
It is of two types – Hard and Soft. It is not further classified.
Deadline of real-time tasks are in the order of seconds. Deadline of non-real-time tasks may be minutes, hours or even days.
Most of the interactive tasks are real-time tasks. It includes some old jobs used some decades ago.
It is widely used in computer systems. It is not used now-a-days in computer systems.
It is computed by real-time systems. It is computed by traditional systems.
Example: Satellite tracking, video conferencing etc. Example: Batch processing jobs, old email services etc.

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