Difference between Reactjs and Nodejs

1. React.js :
This is the Javascript library that was developed by Facebook in 2013. This library was developed in order to improve and enhance the UI for the web apps but with time it has evolved a lot. It is open-source and supports different inbuilt functions and modules like form module, routing module, and so on. ReactJS is also used in making single-page Web apps.

2. NodeJS :
This is a server-side language that uses a javascript runtime environment to execute the javascript code to execute outside the browser. It is an opensource and supports a lot of modules via NPM which is called Node Package Manager. Nodejs is a single-threaded, that uses promises hence it is much faster and robust.

Difference between React.js and NodeJS :

S.No. ReactJS NodeJS
1. It was developed by
It was developed by
Ryan Dahl.
2. It was launched in 2003 It was launched in 2009.
3. It is a library for developing UI. It is a JavaScript runtime environment that helps to execute the JavaScript outside the browser.
4. It is basically used in Client-side. It is a server-side language and used for server side development in JavaScript.
5. It is written with pure Vanilla JavaScript. It is written in C, C++, and JavaScript.
6. It is used to develop single-page applications. It is used to create a scalable HTTP server which can be using express or simple HTTP module.
7. It supports both android and web with introduction of react native. It supports only web.
8. No micro-services and API support. Micro-services and API can be create with nodeJS.
9. It provide support for both frontend and server-side. It does not provide much support for frontend.
10. It helps to create easy UI test cases. It supports server side test cases using jasmine.

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