Difference between React.js and Bootstrap

1. React.js :
ReactJS is a Javascript library that was built with Facebook in 2003. It is an opensource library that was primarily built for client-side development. It is used to improve the UI and enhance the client user experience. ReactJS is most widely used because it is used to create single-page applications.

2. Bootstrap :
Bootstrap is a library that is built on the top of CSS and CSS3. Bootstrap is used for making the pages responsive in nature. Bootstrap is widely used to improve the responsiveness of the website although there are other frameworks for this but of them bootstrap is most widely used in web development on client-side.

Difference between ReactJS and Bootstrap :

S.No. ReactJS Bootstrap
1. It is based on pure vanilla Javascript. It is based on CSS grid and flexbox properties for responsiveness.
2. It is used to improve the UI. It is used to improve the responsiveness of the webpages.
3. Reactjs has inbuilt module of bootstrap i.e react-bootstrap that can be imported to use bootstrap in the HTML. One can also link to the CDN or import its files to use bootstrap classes.
4. ReactJS deals with state and components. While bootstrap deals with col and row size based on device width i.e sm, lg etc.
5. It is developed by Facebook and the community. It is developed by Mark Otto and Jacob thornton.
6. It was launched in 2003. While it was launched in 2011.
7. The technology used in building of reactjs  is javascript. Technlogies used are HTML, CSS, SASS and Javascript.
8. It is used to create single-page applications. It is used to create mobile-first web applications.

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