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Difference between Re-Testing and Smoke Testing

  • Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2020

Prerequisite – Software Testing
1. Re-Testing :
Retesting is a type of software testing which tests about a particular bug after it has been fixed. When the testers test the product they raise the bug when they find it and after that it is assigned to the developer team to fix it. In Retesting, some test scenario is analyzed with some data in new build under the same environmental conditions.

In simple Retesting ensures that the issue has been fixed and is working as expected. In retesting the test cases cannot be automated.

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2. Smoke Testing :
Smoke Testing is a type of software testing which checks the deployed build is stable or not. It is also called as “Build verification Testing” or “Confidence Testing.” In simple in smoke testing the important features are verified to know its working or not and this test that shows the product is ready for further testing. Smoke testing is done on every build to check whether the basic functionalities that are implemented in build are working fine or not but not bothering with the finer details.

Smoke test is either scripted or using a written set of tests or an automated test.

Difference between Re-Testing and Smoke Testing :

S.No.Re-TestingSmoke Testing
01.Retesting is performed to check and confirm that the test cases that failed in the final execution are passing after the defects are fixed.Smoke testing is performed to determine whether critical functionalities of AUT are working fine.
02.The main purpose of Re-testing is to verify the bug fixes.The main purpose of smoke testing is to verify the “stability” of the system.
03.Defect verification is coming under re-testing.Defect verification is not coming under smoke testing.
04.Re-testing is executed before we start
Sanity testing.
Smoke testing is executed before
Regression testing..
05.The test cases for re-testing can not be automated.This test can be executed manually or automatically.
06.Retesting is not considered as subset of any testing.Smoke testing is considered as subset of Regression testing.
07.From the previous executed test cases test cases for retesting can be re-used.Smoke test test cases are part of regression testing, only cover critical functionalities.

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