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Difference between Re-Testing and Sanity Testing

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 27 Jul, 2020

Prerequisite – Software Testing

1. Re-Testing :
In Software Testing, Re-Testing refers to the testing again of a module to ensure that the bug is fixed. This means it confirms the test cases that failed in the final execution are passing after the errors/defects are fixed.

Process of Re-Testing is as follows –

  • At first an error is detected in any module of the application.
  • Then it undergoes for correction/modification by the developer.
  • After the developer has solved and tested issue again, it is called Re-Testing.

2. Sanity Testing :
In Software Testing, Sanity Testing refers to the testing performed after receiving a software build, with minor changes in code, or functionality, to ascertain that the bugs/errors have been fixed and no further issues are introduced due to these changes.

Process of Sanity Testing is as follows –

  • A software build is received first.
  • Determine that the proposed functionality works roughly as expected after changes.
  • If sanity test fails, the build is rejected.
  • If sanity test passes, it is passed for further testing.

Difference between Re-Testing and Sanity Testing :

S.No.Re-TestingSanity Testing
1.Re-Testing is carried out to check and confirm that the test cases that failed in the final execution are passing after those errors/defects are solved.Sanity Testing is carried out to check and confirm that the functionalities are working perfectly after minor functionality/bug fixes or any changes.
2.Defect verification comes under Re-Testing as a part.Defect verification does not come under Sanity Testing as a part.
3.Re-Testing is performed before start of Sanity Testing and Regression Testing.Sanity Testing is performed before Regression Testing and after Smoke Testing.
4.Test cases can not be automated for Re-Testing.Sanity Testing is often executed manually.
5.Re-Testing can be performed with the previously used test cases. Means test cases can be reused.Sanity Testing can be performed without test cases with domain knowledge.
6.Priority of Re-Testing is higher than Sanity Testing.Priority of Sanity testing is lower than Sanity Testing.
7.Before start of testing, test cases for Re-Testing cannot be obtained.Test cases for Sanity Testing can be obtained from obtained from the functional specification, manuals, and defect reports in regards to corrected problems.

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