Difference between Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi

1. Raspberry Pi :
Raspberry Pi can be termed as a small computer, it as a credit sized device that plugs into the PC, which has a standard keyboard and mouse. It is also capable of computing and can be taught how to program with languages. Generally, these devices are used to make Ariel drones and is used with weather detection programs. It is known for its capabilities that it offers at an affordable price, though it depends on the variant you are buying. Speaking of capabilities it is a mini-computer that can serve you like a desktop computer. From surfing the internet to watch high definition videos and to play light modes games. It support Python language out of the box.

2. Orange Pi :
Orange Pi is also another mini-computer out in the market with all capabilities when considered with Raspberry Pi. It was developed when there was a huge demand for its Raspberry Pi, as a result of a clone like a computer was developed and named with Orange Pi. With some fewer functions of Pi is supported different OS like Linux, Ubuntu, Android. When compared to Original Pi, Orange Pi has some cost-cutting with fewer USB ports. It has faster networking and some more heavy features that make it difficult to be as fast as Pi. With new integrations, it has developed onboard WiFi but lacks the community support as Raspberry Pi has.

Difference between Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi :

Basis of Raspberry Pi Orange Pi
CPU It uses 1.2Ghz 64bit Quad-Core Processor It uses H5 Quad Core Cortex-A53 Processor
RAM For its functioning it uses 1GB DDR2 RAM For its better performance it uses 2GB DDR3 RAM
GPU To process graphic requirements it uses Broadcom VideoCore IV GPU. To enhance graphic capabilities it uses Mali-450 GPU.
Storage For storage requirements it gives On board storage module. For better storage upgrades it has SD Card slot for storage.
Weight It weighs around 45g It weighs around 68g
Video Compatible It does supports for video but no support for 4K. There is no support for 4K videos
USB Port It has 4 USB 2.0 and 1 Micro OTG interfaces on board. It has 3 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 2.0 OTG interfaces on board
Ethernet/ WiFi Yes it is capable of sending data over internet and has ethernet and WiFi is supported. Yes it is capable of sending data over internet and has ethernet and WiFi is given on board
Bluetooth Yes it is supported. Yes it supports.
OS Support Raspbian, Windows IoT Core, OSMX, Linux, Ubuntu, Debian, etc. Android, Ubuntu, Raspbian, Debian

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