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Difference between Qualitative research and Quantitative research

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  • Last Updated : 07 Sep, 2020
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1. Qualitative Research :
Qualitative research refers to analyze the in-depth information about human behavior and produces “textual data” (non-numerical). When there is a need to explore ideas, thoughts and meanings during that time we can go for qualitative research methods. Qualitative research provides insights into the problem which helps in developing ideas or hypotheses for potential quantitative research.

2. Quantitative Research :
Quantitative research refers to analyze something based on some numerical data and mathematical models and produces “numerical data”. When there is a need to measure something or test a hypothesis during that time we can go for quantitative research methods. Measurable data is used by the quantitative research to formulate facts and uncover patterns in research.

Difference between Qualitative research and Quantitative research :

01.Objective of Qualitative research is to gain a qualitative understanding of the underlying reasons and motivations.Objective of Quantitative research is to quantity the data and generalize the results from the sample to the population of interest.
02.Qualitative research focuses on quality features.Quantitative research focuses on quantity features.
03.The common purpose of this research is to discover ideas with general research objects.The common purpose of this research is to test hypothesis or specific research questions.
04.The philosophy behind it is phenomenology.The philosophy behind it is positivism.
05.In qualitative research observations are done to produce result.In quantitative research experiments are done to produce result.
06.Qualitative research produces “textual data” (non-numerical).Quantitative research produces “numerical data”.
07.In this research data can be measured it can be observed.In this research data can be measured accurately.
08.It is considered as subjective.It is considered as objective.
09.This research methods follow observe and interpret approach.This research methods follow measure and test approach.
10.Qualitative research follows unstructured data collection method.Quantitative research follows structured data collection method.
11.In qualitative research question format is open ended.In quantitative research question format is close ended.
12.It examines in wide angle means examines breadth and depth of topic.It examines in narrow angle means examines some specific variable of topic.
13.It takes small number of non representative cases as sample.It takes large number of representative cases as sample.
14.Qualitative research follows non statistical data analysis approach.Quantitative research follows statistical data analysis approach.
15.It collects data through interviews, observations, documents and artifacts.It collects data through tests, questions, scale, inventories.
16.It is most often used in exploratory research designs.It is most often used in descriptive and casual research designs.
17.It develops an initial understanding as outcome.It recommends a final course of action as outcome.

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