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Difference between Project Report and Research Report

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 27 Nov, 2020
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1. Project Report :
Project Report, as name suggest, is simply report that provide useful and important information for better business or company decision and also helps in control of project.

2. Research Report :
Research Report, as name suggests, is simply report that provide useful result of formal investigation and outline processes, data, and findings and is usually prepared by analyst or strategist.

Difference between Project Report and Research Report :

Project ReportResearch Report
It mainly focuses on providing desired result of project.It mainly focuses on providing information collected by analysis of data and issues.
It does not have a specific format.It does have a specific format.
Factors affecting project report include time complexity, improper communication, cost related issues, unable to track risks, etc.Factors affecting research report includes research style, improper managing, improper investigation, risk related issues, etc.
Its benefits include identifying risks, improve communication, track current progress of project, track budget, etc.Its benefits include identification of knowledge gaps, knowledge transfer, use of objective data to make decisions, etc.
Its main objective is to state objective of business or company and various methods through which business or company can achieve success.Its main objectives is to highlight findings, recommendations and essential details which can be helpful for research process.
It includes information regarding economic, technical, financial. managerial, and product aspects.It includes problem investigated, type of subjects and data collection method involved, analytical procedure used, etc.
It is less difficult to understand and handle than research report.It is more difficult to understand and handle than project report.
Type of project report includes risk report, baseline reports, time tracking report, resource report, variance report, etc.Type of research report includes qualitative and quantitative research report, technical research report, popular research report, etc.
It is submitted to bankers or head of departments.It is generally submitted to committees and heads of various departments or organizations.

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