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Difference between Project Management and Functional Management

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  • Last Updated : 25 Nov, 2020
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1. Project Management :
Project management, as name suggest, is simply management that focuses on management, planning and organizing project from initiation of problem till closing of project on given deadline.

2. Functional Management :
Functional Management, as name suggests, is simply an organizational management that focuses on management of people, technical, financial as well as other resources to achieve goals and objectives.

Difference between Project Management and Functional Management :

Project ManagementFunctional Management
It mainly focuses on management of project to achieve main objective.It mainly focuses on management of daily routine activities of organization.
It is a temporary process i.e. terminated once objective is achieved.It is a permanent management process.
Project manager have less responsibilities than functional manager.Functional manager have more responsibilities than project manager.
Factors affecting project management includes project manager, unavailability of intelligent people, narrow planning, etc.Factors affecting functional management includes unavailability of trained and skilled employees, financial issues, etc.
Its benefits include increase productivity, saves time and cost, increase customer satisfaction, improve processing, etc.Its benefits include increase sales, effective use of applications, improve working skills of employees, increase work efficiency, etc.
Its main objective is to develop end product and ensure that project is completing on given period of time.Its main objectives is to maintained and control resources of project within organization like financial backing, skilled employees, production, sales, marketing, etc.
Project management is more difficult than stakeholder management.Functional Management is less difficult than project management.
It is one time activity that should be completed on given period of time.It is an ongoing process i.e. repetitive process.
It does not manage their own resources.It manages people, budgets and resources.

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