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Difference between Project Management and Facility Management

  • Last Updated : 26 Nov, 2020

1. Project Management :
Project management, as name suggest, is simply management that focuses on management of project and related activities to increase productivity and achieve success criteria at specified time.

2. Facility Management :
Facility Management, as name suggests, is simply management that focuses on management and providing variety of services to support and increase performance of organization.

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Difference between Project Management and Facility Management :

Project ManagementFacility Management
It mainly focuses on management of project till end of development stage.It mainly focuses on management and providing facilities to project.
It is a temporary process i.e. one time process.It is a permanent management process i.e. an ongoing process.
Project manager have more responsibilities than facility manager.Facility manager have less responsibilities than project manager.
Factors affecting project management includes improper risk management, unavailability of intelligent people, narrow planning, improper communication, etc.Factors affecting facility management includes design errors, lack of maintenance plan, lack of understanding, etc.
Process of this management includes project initiation, project definition and planning, project launch, performance monitoring, performance controlling, and at last project closure.Process of this management includes identifying facility, planning a facility management plan, implementing operation and maintenance, collecting new information and respond, analyzing performance.
Its benefits include increase productivity, clear and organized plan, improve effectiveness, improve processing, etc.Its benefits include improve performance, cost analysis, space optimization, asset tracking and management, etc.
Its main objective is to create and produce final project in new world.Its main objectives is to maintain support facilities that already exist for organization.
Type of project management includes Scrum project management, agile project management, Waterfall project management, etc.Types of Facility Management include hardware inspection and maintenance, EHS (Environmental, health and facility), space management and migration, etc.
Project management is more difficult than facility management.Facility Management is less difficult than project management.

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