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Difference between Project Management and Design Management

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  • Last Updated : 25 Nov, 2020

1. Project Management :
Project management, as name suggest, is simply management that focuses on management of project so that it runs smoothly without any disturbance and gets completed on given period of time.

2. Design Management :
Design management, as name suggests, is simply management that focuses on new innovations and developing products, services, brands, etc. with new designs and in turn increase quality as well as success of organization.

Difference between Project Management and Design Management :

Project ManagementDesign Management
It mainly focuses on management of project related activities.It mainly focuses on management of design related activities.
It is a temporary management process.It is a permanent management process i.e. an ongoing process.
Project manager have more responsibilities than design manager.Design manager have less responsibilities than project manager.
Factors affecting project management customer needs, time complexity, risk management, cost ratio, capability of process, etc.Factors affecting design management includes material requirements, functionality, customer requirements, quality of product, etc.
Process of this management includes starting project, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and then finally terminating project.Process of this management includes defining problem, gathering information, set budget, preparing design, monitoring and finally protecting designs.
Its benefits include improve market position, create new products, reduce time for new products to market, improve customer satisfaction, etc.Its benefits include increases efficiency, increase sales, increase success, reduce customer complaints, etc.
Its main objective is to identify methods or techniques that one can use and produce a final product on time.Its main objectives is to plan, develop, and maintain efficient environment of organization by creating well-designed products, services, etc.
Project management is more difficult than Design management.Design management is less difficult than project management.

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