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Difference between Project Engineer and System Engineer
  • Last Updated : 02 Dec, 2020

1. Project Engineer :
Project Engineer, as name suggest, is simply a person or engineer who is professional and is generally assigned to project to do tasks that are needed to be done to complete project.

2. System Engineer :
System Engineer, as name suggests, is simply a person or employee who is responsible for overall design of system and also manages all systems and infrastructure that are installed.

Difference between Project Engineer and System Engineer :

Project Engineer System Engineer
It mainly focuses on supervising individual tasks i.e. project. It mainly focuses on overall design of system.
Skills required for project engineer includes lots of initiative, knowledge of design and visualization software, decision making ability, etc. Skills required for system engineer includes analytical understanding, good organizational skills, patience and perseverance, etc.
Their responsibilities includes performing quality control tasks, interpret requirements of clients, identify problems and provide solutions, etc. Their responsibilities includes managing and monitoring installed systems, plan and implement new systems, suggest new ideas to solve problems, etc.
Factors affecting project engineer performance includes poor team leading skills, environment uncertainty, poor communication skills, etc. Factors affecting system engineer includes poor team collaboration, no proper maintenance, no other disciplines, etc.
Its process include preparation, schedule, coordinating, checking, and maintaining engineering and technical projects being assigned. Its process include designing, implementing, and maintaining infrastructure for organization.
Its main objective is manage and complete both engineering and technical projects. Its main objective is to design and maintain large and difficult projects as well as check systems performance.
Its benefit includes improve project quality, build subconscious desire, improve motivation, improve team work, etc. Its benefit includes reduction in risk of schedule, better documentation, reduce time and cost, improve team collaboration, etc.
Project engineer tasks are more difficult than System Engineer tasks. System Engineer tasks are less difficult than project engineer tasks.
It can also handle role of System Engineer. Its role is limited and therefore cannot handle role of project engineer.

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