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Difference between Project Engineer and Resident Engineer
  • Last Updated : 03 Dec, 2020

1. Project Engineer :
Project Engineer, as name suggest, is simply a person or engineer who is responsible for documenting and managing progress of project, identifying and resolving issues as well as assigning responsibilities so that employees or team members can perform their best to achieve project goal.

2. Resident Engineer :
Resident Engineer, as name suggests, is simply a person or employee who is responsible for ensuring that construction work of project is performed according to quality, schedule and budget of contract i.e. administers contract being created among developer and contractor.

Difference between Project Engineer and Resident Engineer :

Project EngineerResident Engineer
It mainly focuses on successful project completion.It mainly focuses on construction process and staff for projects.
Skills required for project engineer includes documentation skills, managerial skills, managerial skills, technical understanding, etc.Skills required for resident engineer includes strong leadership skills, strong managerial skills, good communication skills, etc.
Their responsibilities includes develop project objectives, develop specifications for required tools and equipment’s, maintain and develop project metrics, etc.Their responsibilities includes obtaining materials, managing construction staff, ensuring that tests are performed, maintaining records, etc.
Factors affecting project engineer performance includes lack of design skills, lack of technical understanding, poor manufacturing methods, etc.Factors affecting resident engineer performance includes no related experience, no ability of troubleshooting issues, lack of organizational skills, etc.
Its process include scheduling, planning, forecasting, resource and managing all activities related to technical.Its process include supervising, managing, planning, documenting and reporting and evaluating work throughout construction.
Its main objective is to complete all projects by coordinating project elements.Its main objective is to lead project and supervise staff.
Its benefit includes increase customer satisfaction, improve quality, increase productivity, ensure safety and better working environment, etc.Its benefit includes resolve customer questions, perform regular evaluation, improve operations and team performance, etc.
Project engineer tasks are more difficult than Resident Engineer tasks.Resident engineer tasks are less difficult than Project Engineer tasks.
It cannot handle role of Resident Engineer.Its role is limited and therefore cannot handle role of project engineer.

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