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Difference between Program and Package
  • Last Updated : 22 Dec, 2020

1. Program :
Program, as name suggest, is collection of instructions written in sequence that tells a computer what operation to perform and produce result one want as well as solve problem, increase creativity and improve performance.

2. Package :
Package, as name suggests, are simply set of program files, data files, etc. developed by programmers to perform specific task and include information regarding installation of packages.

Difference between Program and Package :

Program Package
Programs are set of instructions behind particular application or software. Packages are set of software programs.
These are one piece of software. These are multiple pieces of software.
Programs are something that provide instruction to computer to perform particular task. Packages are something that is packed.
Program is especially developed by highly skilled programmer i.e. single programmer. It is a special method of distributing and installing software to computer.
Programs are easy to develop and requires less time as compared to packages i.e. few hours or minutes. Package is especially developed by group of programmers i.e. more than one programmer.
Programmers need knowledge of programming languages to develop program but not that much as compared to develop packages. Packages are not easy to develop and require more time to develop than program i.e. weeks or months.
It simply includes compiled code that run from operating system. Programmers need more knowledge i.e. intensive knowledge of programming languages to develop package.
Program include programming code written to solve specific problem. It include methods or information regarding distributing and installing software to computer.

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