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Difference between Program and Initiative

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  • Last Updated : 22 Dec, 2020

1. Program :
Programs, as name suggest, are simply a test code written by computer programmers that allows computer applications and programs to function but should be written carefully as small mistake can affect entire computer program.

2. Initiative :
Initiative, as name suggests, are simply new plan or action that are high-level efforts through which organization translate their goals and vision into practice.

Difference between Program and Initiative :

Programs are set of instructions that are executed in order to achieve specific result.Initiatives is new plan or action to solve a problem.
These are collection of programming code that instruct computer about what to do.It is first step used to improve and start something.
Programs are generally less strategic and has lower visibility as compared to initiative.Initiative are generally more strategic and has higher visibility as compared to programs.
It might not include exec sponsor i.e. executive sponsor.It always include exec sponsor i.e. executive sponsor that ensures programs goals are achieved with company strategy.
Less number of senior members, skilled professionals or programmers are required to run programs as compared to run initiatives.More number of experienced and senior members are required to run programs as compare to run programs.
Programs are not new and is an ongoing activity that is been used and running for years.Initiatives are new and are created to bring some changes and improve performance of business.
Program creation bring positivity in job growth of programmer, enables computer to perform task and increase self motivation.Initiative is self management skill, which when used, one can do things without being asked, solve problems and continue growing.

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