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Difference between Program and Flowchart

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1. Program : Program, as name suggest, is simply sequence of operations that are needed to performed by computer that enables application and software programs to operate successfully and uses programming languages to communicate with computers. 

2. Flowchart : Flowchart, as name suggests, is simply graphical representation or workflow of process in sequential order i.e. step-by-step approach to solve a task or problem that in turn improve business processes. 
Difference between Program and Flowchart :

Programs are set of instructions or computer  code that perform specific task.Flowchart is graphical representation of functions of program.
Programs are basically coded instructions for automatic performance of particular task.Flowchart is basically diagrammatic representation of algorithm.
It simply includes compiled code that run from operating system.It simply map out process so that one can easily understand and communicate it to other people.
Types of program include graphic program, game program, word processor, data base system, etc.Types of flow chart include process flowchart, data flowchart, business process modeling diagram, etc.
Programs include set of instructions that will automate task performance on computer for solving given problem.Flowcharts includes special and different types of actions or steps that are represented using geometric shapes.
Instructions are created for computer to execute by writing and testing code.Flowcharts are created to analyze, design, document or manage program.  
Programs are generally complex and difficult but are not needed to be coded in several languages.Flowcharts are generally simple and easy but when process is complex then process flowchart look messy and difficult to use or handle.
Program is written in programming language by typing on computer.Flowchart symbols cannot be typed.
Last Updated : 17 May, 2022
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