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Difference between Program and Executable File
  • Last Updated : 22 Dec, 2020

1. Program :
Program, as name suggest, are simply set of instructions developed by programmer that tell computer what to perform and consist of compiled code that run directly from operating system of computer.

2. Executable File :
Executable File, as name suggests, are computer files that contain encoded sequence of instructions and is particular a kind of file that is capable of being executed or run as a program in computer.

Difference between Program and Executable File :

ProgramExecutable File
Programs are set of instructions followed by computer system.Executable File is file format of windows i.e., .exe file.
It contain instructions that computer can understand and execute.It contains machine instructions for computer architectures supported by Windows.
All programs cannot be Exe files.All Exe files can be program.
Types of programs include spreadsheets, graphics programs, web browsers, data base systems, etc.Types of executable files can be compiled programs, scripts, etc.
It consist of compiled code that might run or execute directly from operating system of computer.It consist of several blobs of data and instructions about how data should be loaded in memory.
Programs are used to perform specific task and enhance functionality of computer system.These files are used on windows computers to install or run software applications.
Programs are created by programmers in programming language.Exe files are created by compilers that convert source code in to machine code.
Program code are usually written in one or more languages as per knowledge of programmer rather than machine code.Exe files are usually written according to Microsoft Portable Executable (PE) specifications.

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