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Difference between Program and Command

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  • Last Updated : 15 Dec, 2020

1. Program :
Program, as name suggest, are simply set of instructions developed by programmers in programming languages that consist of compiled code and run directly from computers operating system.

2. Command :
Command, as name suggests, are instruction given by user to computer to perform specific task and are forwarded by command line from user to operating system and initiated from application program as well as from user interface.

Difference between Program and Command :

Programs are collection of instructions understandable by CPU.Command are orders to computer program to perform particular task.
Programs are instructions created by programmer or software developer.Commands are instruction given by user to computer.
It is used to indicate that which operating CPU should execute on set of data.It is used to tell application or system to do something or perform task.
Types of programs include word processors, game programs, graphic programs, data base systems, etc.Types of command includes input program commands, utility commands, internal command, external command, etc.
These are files stored in one of bin directories like /bin, /usr/bin, /usr/local/bin.It comes in different forms i.e. special words that program understand, function keys, buttons, etc.  
Programs are handled by programmer who write compute programs.Commands are handled by part of operating system i.e. command interpreter.
Translators transform entire program form one language to another, interpreters execute program sequentially at each step, debuggers execute program allowing programmer to check operation of program.These are issued by typing them in command line and then pressing enter.
Computer without programs is just considered as dump box because these programs make computer active.Computer without command is useless because there users give command to computer to specific task and if there will be no user then computer is just a dump box.

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