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Difference between Primary and Secondary Data

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1. Primary Data : When a data is collected from beginning to end for the first time by an institution or researcher, such data is called primary data, it is the original data, i.e. the data which is first It is completely renewed, it is called primary data. It is collected from scratch a lot of money is spent on collecting primary data. At the same time, man power is also required, that is, people are also needed. 

2. Secondary Data : Secondary data is data that has already been collected by an institution or researcher and the new researcher generates new information about the use of this already collected data. For example, if you already have the population data of India, then you can easily find out what percentage of people in your city are literate and what percentage of people are illiterate, but you have already collected that data from the population data of India Therefore, this data will be called Secondary Data. 
Difference between Primary and Secondary Data :

S.NOPrimary DataSecondary Data
1.Primary data is the first data collected by a researcher for the first time.Whereas secondary data is a data that is already collected by someone earlier.
2.Primary data is called real-time data.While this is not real-time data, it is related to the past.
3.The process is very much involved in collecting primary data.While collecting secondary data it does not involve much process but rather quickly and easily.
4.Primary data is expensive.While it is economical.
5.The primary data takes long time for collection.While secondary data takes shorter time than primary data for collection.
6.Primary data is available in crude form.While it is available in processed or refined form.
7.Primary data is more accurate than secondary data.While it is less accurate than primary data.
8.Primary data is more reliable than secondary data.While secondary data is less reliable than primary data.
9.There is also difficulty in collecting data.While there is no difficulty in collecting data.
10.The sources from which primary data is collected are through surveys, experiments, observations, personal interviews etc.The sources from which secondary data is collected are websites, government publications, journals, articles etc.
11.The data is always specific to the researcher’s need.The data collected may or may not be specific to the researcher’s need.
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Last Updated : 02 May, 2023
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