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Difference between Predictive Development and Adaptive Development

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1. Predictive Development :

It is a software development process in which the model is being designed, executed and analysis is done step by step till the product reach its end and satisfies all it’s requirements. The predictive approach concentrates on making strategies and analyzing the project for its better development and to predict any risk. Predictive development is also named as Iterative Waterfall method. Waterfall methodology just follows the direction where the first flow goes or those who leads the direction, just like that this methodology also depends on the previous step of analyzing and further it follows the above phase and then processes it.  

In this methodology, it follows some exact deadline in which the project should be completed in that duration of time. It also shows the issue faced during the task and the project ending date, it is difficult to change the way or the process at the middle of the stages if something went off. It focuses on the task to be completed as soon as possible and accurately.  

The predictive approach is highly recommended for:  

  1. The team who are familiar with the project and they have done that project previously.
  2. The identification of the project should not be changed.
  3. This process should have documentation form and all the stakeholders should be acquainted with that.
  4. This method should be recommend first to the project manager as compared to other methodologies.

Pros and cons  of Predictive development :

Pros :

  • This predictive development infrastructure produces a working software product which are for better than other infrastructure.
  • Any trouble throughout the processing of the project can be handled very easily because it detects the issue at its initial stages.
  • It makes easier to check and rectify during its small parts than on its final product.
  • This process allows more resilient as this sometimes changes its requirements for its advancement.

Cons :

  • This methodology needs all perfection related all the planning’s and structures, at the very initial stages only for the perfect successful completion.
  • Extra efforts are needed to merge  each and every single phases of the system.
  • Error correction is difficult at middle or last phase of the project as it can ruin the whole phase from the vary initial stage.
  • All the details of the projects should be clear earlier so that there will be no risks later.

2. Adaptive Development :

Adaptive development is also known as Agile methodology. Adaptive development altered the previous traditional method that is Waterfall method by a contiguous series of reflect, partnership, grasp cycles. This cycles provides us the gaining of continuous knowledge and adaptation to the developing stage of the project. The main focus of Adaptive development life cycle is  to be concentrated on projects, identified, repeated, time boxed, courageous, change liberally.  

The word reflect, partnership and grasp cycles has its own meaning:

  1. Reflect, it refers to the assumptions in which all the stakeholders are considered to be wrong for some reason related to the project. During this step, the project is begin and adaptive cycles strategies is implemented. This cycle requires several information such as customer’s delivery dates, their addresses and some basic needs to fulfill the needs of the ongoing process.
  2. Partnership, this shows the attempt for stabilizing the work based on expected parts of the surrounding such as strategies and leading them and adapting to the undetermined surrounding combination of changes that occurred by some factor such as stakeholders, software, automation, necessity, vendors.
  3. Grasp cycle, this defines the challenging process for all the stakeholders, which are created on the short repetition of designs, building and testing. Some idea can be carried out by some little errors which are based on incorrect assumptions and can be corrected later, this leads to the expert in problem solving and having good experience.

Pros and cons of Adaptive development :

Pros :

  • In this methodology the changes can be done very easily and the needs for the project can be implemented throughout the process.
  • This maintains the customers consideration and provides fastest delivery and also consider on the feedback.
  • The involvement of stakeholders is must for the successful delivery and progress in every projects.

Cons :

  • The strategies can be sometimes problematic.
  • As there is small group of teams everyone should be expert in their own field.
  • If the customer needs are not satisfied then the project can get declined.  

Difference Between Predictive Development and Adaptive Development :

S. No.



01.It is a Waterfall methodology.It is an Agile methodology. 
02.It follows traditional process of software development.It follows iterative process of software development. 
03.This process can be implemented as a individual with a team. This process is implemented by having partnership. 
04.The errors cannot be corrected easily throughout the process. The errors can easily be corrected throughout the process. 
05.The testing part is done only at the end of the project. The testing part can be done at any stage of the project. 
06.Customer is involved while gathering the requirements, scope change and at the end of development.Customer is involved continuously from the starting till the end of the development.
07.The focus is process oriented.The focus is people oriented.
08.All features of the product are included.The most significant features of the product are taken care first.
09.Testing is performed at the end of development.Testing is performed iteratively and/or drives code.
10.This model is suitable when product is properly understood.This model is suitable for the dynamically changing environment.
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Last Updated : 11 Apr, 2023
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