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Difference between Preact and Angular

  • Last Updated : 07 Aug, 2020
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Angular: Angular is the frontend framework that was developed by Google. It does help in the fast development of the applications and is based on the MVC framework. Angular is completely written in Typescript.


  • There is a two way binding in angular JS
  • Dependency injection and data binding reduce the amount of code to be written.
  • Service worker support is provided by angular.

Preact:  While Preact is the library that is used to develop the frontend or the user Interface. Preact is lightweight and 3kB in size, it is the alternative for reactJS having the same ES6 API.


  • It is a lightweight library for React JS
  • It provides most of the features of react JS and still is much small as compared to reactJS
  • It renders data quickly and much efficiently.

Difference between Preact and Angular:

1.It is a lightweight alternativeReactJS.It is a complex framework for developing frontend applications.
2.It is written in JavaScript.It is completely based on Typescript single-page.
3.It is small in size of about 3kB and still offer the same React API for development purpose.While angular is a heavy MVC framework that is suitable for developing large applications.
4.It works with and updates the virtual DOM.It works with and updates the real DOM.
5.It is a Javascript library and lightweight alternative for ReactJS.It is the complex MVC framework used to develop single page applications.
6.It can be installed by npm install -g preact-cliIt can be installed by npm install -g angular-cli
7.It’s an architecture based on the Document Object Model.It is architecture is based on the Model view controller.
8.Effective memory usageMemory used is larger as compared to preact.
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