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Difference between PouchDB and MS SQL Server

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 26 May, 2022
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1. PouchDB : PouchDB is an open-source, NoSQL, in-line database. It is designed after CouchDB which is a NoSQL database that powers npm. It is written in JavaScript language. There is no need to perform queries over the network as PouchDB resides inside the browser and thus it makes it extremely faster. It stores data locally using IndexedDB and WebSQL in the browser. 

2. Microsoft SQL Server : Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft Corporation and initially released on April 24, 1989. It is written in C and C++ languages. It is platform-dependent and it is both GUI and CLI based software. It supports a variety of transaction processing, analytics applications, and business intelligence in corporate environments. 
Difference between PouchDB and MS SQL Server :

S.NO.PouchDBMS SQL Server
1.It was developed by Apache Software Foundation.It was developed by Microsoft Corporation.
2.PouchDB was initially released in 2012.MS SQL Server was initially released on April 24, 1989.
3.PouchDB is written using Javascript language.MS SQL Server is developed in C and C++.
4.PouchDB is server-less. It requires a JavaScript environment (browser, Node.js).For MS SQL Server, server operating systems are Linux and Windows.
5.PouchDB provides us with Eventual Consistency method to ensure consistency in a distributed system.MS SQL Server provides us with Immediate Consistency method to ensure consistency in a distributed system.
6.In PouchDB there are no predefined datatypes.MS SQL Server has predefined datatypes such as float, date, etc.
7.In PouchDB primary database model is Document Store.In MS SQL Server primary database model is Relational DBMS.
8.PouchDB supports both Master-Slave Replication and Master-Master Replication.MS SQL Server supports Replication but depending on the SQL-Server Edition.
9.PouchDB does not support concurrent manipulation of data.MS SQL Server supports concurrent manipulation of data.
10.The license for PouchDB is open-source.The license for MS SQL Server is commercial.
11.PouchDB does not support XML data format.MS SQL Server supports XML data format.
12.Some companies like GenCorp Technologies, Akamai Technologies, Hothead Games, Inc., Vivint Solar, etc use PouchDB.Some companies like Citi, Bank of America, UPS, etc use MS SQL Server.
13.PouchDB does not provide ACID transactions concepts.MS SQL Server provides ACID transaction concepts.
14.PouchDB does not provide the concept of Referential Integrity. Hence, no Foreign Keys.MS SQL Server provides the concept of Referential Integrity and have Foreign Keys.
15.PouchDB supports Map Reduce method.MS SQL Server does not support Map Reduce method.
16.PouchDB does not provide access control rights.MS SQL Server provides access control rights according to SQL-standard.
16.PouchDB supports Javascript programming language.MS SQL Server supports C#, C++, Delphi, Go, Java, JavaScript (Node.js), PHP, Python, R, Ruby, Visual Basic programming languages.
17.PouchDB has schema-free data.MS SQL Server has fixed data schema.
18.PouchDB does not support SQL.MS SQL Server support SQL.
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